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Hi Therese, Well, there's an App you should use when using the public transportation system in Frankfurt and all neighboring cities. Check for the RMV App - Rhein Main Vekehrsverbund - if possible, it's the Rhein Main Metro Service App and it includes Kőnigstein as well/5( тыс.). The Maxx Royalty Programme offers privileged services and discounts. Get ready to enjoy Maxx Royalty Card privileges like airplane and helicopter rentals as well as social offers and discounts at the Maxx Royal CIP Lounge, CIP Terminal, shops within the hotel, . EXPERIENCE THE PRIVILEGE MAXX ROYAL KEMER RESORT Architecture in line with Kemer’s stunning nature, an impressive concept, and unlimited services Maxx Royal Kemer Resort opens the doors to a unique world for its guests with a “Maxx Inclusive” concept and . В Черном море и на Южном Кавказе не прекращается соперничество между Россией и Турцией. Тем не менее в целом отношения между Москвой и Анкарой потеплели. Благодаря своему сближению две. Riperlamp group is currently considered as one of the most important European companies in the ornamental and classical lighting sector. Our productive potential together with our own design department and technical office enable us to offer our customers tailor-made projects for the contract channel: Architects, decorators, interior designers.


Record-breaking athletes, award-winning dancers and acrobats with breathtaking performances will be all around Maxx Royal Resorts throughout the summer! You are invited to Black Diamond to let yourself to the rhythm of the music all night long!! The night club on the cliff of Maxx Royal Kemer Resort will spice up your holiday.

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  • Guests using the CIP Terminal may also access the private helicopter service. Travelling is more comfortable now thanks to our services, which we provide for free in direct international flights departing from Antalya, to all our guests staying in all room types without any conditions and rules. Maxx Royal A comfortable, privileged, and rapid transfer…Maxx Royal Kemer Resort offers a free helicopter transfer between the airport and the hotel to guests who staying in a villa for seven or more nights.

    With the personal holiday assistant, Maxx Assistant provides a unique experience to Maxx Royal Resorts guests before, during, and after the holidays.


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  • Offering an elegant and distinguished holiday experience, the Resort is 6 km from the centre of Kemer, 50 km from the Antalya city centre and 60 km from the airport.

    Maxx Royal Fast Track: Beginning from the meeting point, a hostess will accompany you and help you with pre-flight procedures without feeling any rush and you will find yourself sipping your coffee in Maxx Cip Lounge.

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    Maxx Cip Lounge privilege will keep you at comfort while waiting for your flight. Transform the life of your dreams into reality in this unique world that surrounds you at every moment you spend in the Maxx Royal world.

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  • Kemer Resort. Registration Form. Gender MR.

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    In case you do not want to receive emails from us please contact crm maxxroyal. In order to improve our service quality and guest satisfaction, your personal details are stored in the common info pool of the Voyag Turizm and Ersoy Otelcilik companies.

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